Our Service


Food supplement production service


With a production system that has received GMP production standards And the Food and Drug Administration Board ensures that the product


Research services And curriculum development


Food supplement formulation services as well Safety quality And reasonable price Can determine the product's features


Packaging design service, logo and product label


Packaging design services, packaging, logos, product labels, stickers and publications with quality technology.


Consulting service Re: price structure


Consultation service for pricing structure before starting production. No headache Subject to cost and selling price if ordering products


Consulting service Brand management issues


Brand management consulting from a team of experts in the manufacturing industry and brand building and direct experience by the brand owner.


Registration service.


With a team of specialized experts Experience over 10 years in the department. You can be sure that Registration


Product review service


With effective channels of doing Modern marketing Public relations media must Communicate with target customers


Article writing services on the fan page website


Writing services with a professional team of professionals in the writer and advertising industry. Make sure that every article


and above all On-time service


With the production line that we developed very well We are always on time. Allowing us to deliver products to your hands quickly.

They said to us that


Testimonials of our customers


Years of experience


Successful customers


More followers


Food supplement And cosmetics on the market


Sales promotion


Formula and product quality


Raw materials and production

Product quality

Export in domestic and international



What you get if starting a business with us

Food supplements that are ready with the highest standards and innovations from the Mark Bio Technology factory, which have been through the development of formulas and product quality from research teams that research in raw materials and production processes. Come fully to create innovations in food and cosmetic supplements, making our products Is a quality product that can be exported both domestically and internationally.


All of this is just the beginning of your business or brand. If you have become part of our business We have a team of professionals and professional market analysis. Ready to develop and analyze your sales and marketing plans. From beginner to world level In order to move forward without limits, heading to the digital age 4.0