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Mark Bio Technology Company


Accepting production, supplementing food, producing cream, creating brands for various food types


We are a food supplement factory that provides a full range of services for those who want to create their own food supplement brands. Or want to extend the various food supplement brands There are services ranging from systematic research and development. By researching new formulas and importing high quality extracts from abroad or from various research sources Making it possible to extend the supplement formula without limits And also has a team of marketing consultants who will give advice and advice for brand owners who want to start building their business for the first time In addition, the company has been producing products in many different ways. Including the service of notifying the FDA and other standards in all forms of package design All our products meet international standards such as GMP, FDA, Food and Drug Administration, HACCP, HALAL etc.


Quality and production standards


with our innovative production standards

Mark White Factory

It is our standard to ensure that our factory does not use hazardous substances.

Mark Brands Guaranteed

The standard that confirms that our food and cosmetic supplements meet the highest standards.

Mark Master Peace

This is a confirmation from us that all products that leave us are top products.

Mark Top Brands

We guarantee that your products can move to world-class brands.